Just to clarify before I continue, this is purely my opinion so if you don’t feel the same way I do then get lost! Just kidding, well we vary with our opinions but please let’s just respect each others and keep your negative feelings to yourself or make your own article instead.

So here we go!

I’m currently 23 years old turning 24 and a certified Otaku (term for those who are addicted to anime). In our folks view and those people who were not really fond of animes thought that these things are just for kids. What for kids?? Kids who have the most enormous time in the world to waste in watching these things. Hey! That’s a bit hmmmm… Offensive, why? Does doing what you love is a waste of time. Does watching basketball or any sports game for hours is a waste of time? Does listening to your favorite music while relaxing is also a waste of time? We do our own thing based on our preference, character, personality and so on. But all of that were not waste of time because we enjoyed every single seconds of it! Same with us Otakus, we may take more time in watching anime more than you guys spent on your hobbies but we’re just the same. We just want to spend our time to the things we like. Do you get my point? And on other note, anime is not just all about adventure, action and some romance which kids appreciate in an anime. There are bloody, gore, sexy and mature animes which are not suitable for kids. Will you let your kids watch  a tv program that depicts bloodbath action with some sex scenes? I hope not. 

So do you still think anime is just for kids?