I totally loved this kind of line story in fiction romance novels.
Some kind of elusive, unreachable, unattainable super rich, smart, gorgeous and oozing with so much sex appeal man(beast) that’s almost close to perfection and beyond your imagination. Just remember that he’s a manwhore aka player/playboy/make-out artist… Where he doesn’t need to ask for women because they willingly throw out themselves to him (ready to be of any service to him… Isn’t too easy for him? Is he even challenged with those kinds? Isn’t boring for him?) and it seems like the world is under his control. Does this kind of guy really exist? Maybe, but I bet it’s really hard to meet or just find someone like this. (Specially to my kind: the average, isn’t? That’s why the story becomes interesting) why? Because unexpected happened he fell in love with some not-as-perfect-like-him-girl. Well in the story she’s not an average girl… She’s pretty, tall and smart. It’s just based on my observation: a lot of girls in his collection might be more gorgeous or lets just simply say better than her. But what? That where’s the love thing barge in… The love that doesn’t see other elements except what they feel, no better/best/worst. Just her and him with their naked personalities and characters.
This kind of story is like a fantasy, isn’t it?. The guy is like a prince who hold the world in his hand and willing to offer you everything he has because of love. Isn’t too romantic? Ideal? Unrealistic?
Can this happen in real life? Maybe, but hell you’re too lucky!! Well as for my opinion… I think the girl is not that lucky. Why? Cause though she got something special like him definitely there are lot of adjustments, sacrifices and even rivals she needs to face (she didn’t got it there effortlessly, she fought for it! And take note this guy is like one of the biggest jerk in the world… Can’t commit but wants to fuck you. And he didn’t just had a shared of woman, he had groupies… For heaven sake… Arghh!! I can’t really imagine) But she’s lucky because she found the right one… I believed that any man (including those not so perfect guys) are willing to give you everything they can if they really love you- “they’ll even catch the moon and the stars for you” as they say. It just so happen that this guy can give you so much because he have so much as well.
I love this kind of stories… Something impossible turns out to be something really romantic but personally, I don’t ever want to be in this kind of shit… Too dangerous, troublesome and painful. In reality, you’ll just look stupid with your make believe fantasy that this kind of guy will fall in love with you eventually… That’ll be 1 in a million chances… But who knows? You might just be that one special girl… So it’s up to you to decide. Most of girls (including me) have this fairytale fantasy that some price will come and sweep you off you feet and make you his princess. But I do hope that you can differentiate what’s fantasy and reality. You can dream but try to wake up when you know that your fantasy dream is turning into a nightmare.

Just my piece of mind… This novel is really good!!
Thanks for reading!